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World Modern Rock Top 30 Singles


World Heavy Metal, Hard Rock & Alternative Singles Chart compiled by (USA, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia).

1. Lifeline : PapaRoach
2. Use Somebody : Kings Of Leon
3. Careless Whisper: Seether
4. Desolation Row : My Chemical Romance
5. Chasing The Dragon: Epica
6. Decode :Paramore
7. Black Heart: InertiaIncubus
8. All I Want: Staind
9. Cyanide: Metallica
10.Drowning (Face Down): Saving Abel
11.Something In Your Mouth: Nickelback
12.My Loneliness: Firewind
13.Sex On Fire: Kings Of Leon
14.Citizen/Soldier: 3 Doors Down
15.You Found Me: Fray
16.Know Your Enemy: Green Day
17.Big Jack: AC/DC
18.All Night: Hinder
19.Hey You: 311
20.Ain't No Rest For The Wicked: Cage The Elephant
21.Life In Technicolor: Coldplay
22.So Close, So Far: Hoobastank
23.Let It Go: Capetown
24.How Could You?: Saliva
25.Dead Memories: Slipknot
26.Second Chance: Shinedown
27.The Night: Disturbed
28.Death Of Me: Red
29.Magnificent: U2
30.Panic Switch: Silversun Pickups

Mesa/Boogie M6 Carbine bass combo

The coolest bass combo on two wheels?
Roger Newell, Wed 15 Apr 2009, 11:15 am BST

Spesification : M6 Carbine bass combo
Country of Origin:
Additional Features:
Effects Loop with bypass, tuner out, balanced XLR line-out with ground lift, voice function switching, mute, 2 x combination Speakon /jack speaker output jacks, impedance selection, fan cooled
Audio Output Power (w):
Device Type:
Trans-Class valve preamp with MOSFET power section
Dimensions (mm (w x h x d)):
546 x 750 x 432
Loudspeaker Size (Inches):
Weight (kg):
Weight (lb) (lb):

While Mesa/Boogie has the reputation of providing 'stadium status' amplification, it is also appreciated for its design practicality. So while this new transportable bass combo is not aimed directly for use at mega venues, it is still extremely powerful and well conceived.

Finished in sturdy 'Black Bronco' covering with a stylish black jute grille, this is a triple-ported enclosure in Boogie's Tilt & Roll format. In other words, think of a substantial bass combo sitting on a sack barrow and you have the basic design concept as employed here.

Of course, Boogie has used this design feature before and proved its usefulness. Naturally it's all sturdily built and weighty, so any assistance in shifting it around has to be applauded. And there's no discernible vibration noise from the wheels or handle of this 'barrow' section. Loaded with a pair of 12-inch PowerHouse Neo 300 speakers and a horn this is all about quality tone and great delivery.

Slayer in the Studio: Loud, Fast and Ready to Thrash

Shredding on Dimebag's guitar and bashing religion as the metal vets prep their 10th album
STEVE APPLEFORDPosted Apr 16, 2009 12:31 PM

Some things can be counted on at a Slayer recording session. "Can I interest you in something fast and aggressive?" asks producer Greg Fidelman. He's sitting beside guitarist Kerry King at the Pass Studios in Los Angeles, where Slayer are working on a still-untitled album planned for a summer release, and cues up a new metal track with the working title "Build Up." King is ready to thrash.

He's already tapped the Jägermeister machine upstairs, and is now bent over a custom camouflage guitar, his black combat boots on the hardwood floor in the studio control room. King is plugged simultaneously into four amps, each one given a name: The Beast, Hot Ticket Deux, BLS and GF11. Fidelman rolls "Build Up," and King begins overdubbing bits and pieces of intricate metal melody and a harsh, aggressive riff, his eyes closed, nodding to the intense recorded beats of drummer Dave Lombardo. King's strumming hand is a blur, like a wasp in flight.

"Man, I don't even remember it being that fast," King says with a laugh after one take. "We're fucking flying!"

A pair of candles burn nearby, and a large chart lists the songs in progress, most with descriptive working titles, including "7 String," "Drop B" and "Industrial," along with "Psychopathy Red," recorded last October and already leaked online. Slayer are still in the early stages of recording, just five weeks in, working out ideas for what will be an 11-song album, released in July, in time for the summer's second Mayhem Festival tour with Marilyn Manson. Lyrics still wait to be written. Rick Rubin, who produced the band's landmark 1986 album Reign in Blood, is executive producing. more

Ludwig announces 'free drum' with Element Series

Lacquer drums now buy 5 get 6
Press release, Fri 24 Apr 2009, 3:07 pm BST

PRESS RELEASE: Since 1909, Ludwig has been making exceptionally crafted percussion products for drummers of all styles. During the 100th Anniversary year, Ludwig is proud to announce the new Ludwig Element Lacquer Series Drums.

Today's up-and-coming player is more discerning than ever demanding gear with custom options, sizing and appointments. Element Series Drums are the answer to that call, with 6-ply shells boasting inner and outer plies of Marbled Birch and a Poplar core.

For a limited time, all 5-pc. Element Lacquer shell packs come with a 6th drum free, adding true value to these accessibly-priced kits. Fortified with 2.5mm power snare hoops, available in four configurations and four high-gloss lacquer finishes, and accented by the new Classic Keystone Lug, Element is the key to the next level.

"We are really excited about the features Element Lacquer kits come standard with," says Combo Percussion Director of Marketing Kevin Packard. "Getting a 6-pc kit for the cost of a 5-pc. is just the icing on the cake!" 6-pc. Element Lacquer shell pack MSRP: $1,045.00.

For more information, visit
information taken from official press release

Roland TD-4K


Fizzy drinks, miracle age-repair make-up – everything is sold today with the promise of it being the 'best ever recipe'. Most of this stuff is so boring that, really, who cares? But when electronic drum makers make similar claims for their new products, it's a rather different kettle of fish.

This happens on a regular basis, of course – in fact every time a new kit is launched. But the posturing is justified more often than not where digital drums are concerned.

The simple fact is that technology continues to move on at such a pace that, even now, improvements in tone and responsiveness are coming in leaps and bounds. Roland has, of course, set a shining example of how to refine a product line over the last 10 years, so you'll be wanting to know if the new TD-4K continues this...

"Even if you never switched on the Coach Mode, you'd still be spoiled by what is an array of exemplary, all-new, on-board sounds"

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster RW

A new signature model with a series of tweaks
Neville Marten, Thu 5 Mar 2009, 4:10 pm GMT

Any mention of Eric Johnson invariably – and perhaps rather tediously for Johnson himself – concentrates on his status as a tone-hound of legendary credentials.

It will inevitably state how he goes through his equipment microscopically, making sure the polarity of each internal component faces the same direction so the current passes as smoothly as possible. Mention is unfailingly made of his preference for battery power over mains, while his predilection for Duracell is reiterated.

Thankfully, writers do then go on to talk about his astounding musicianship and an almost unfeasible knowledge of what makes great guitar tone. But sometimes it's forgotten just how into guitars and amps Johnson truly is – to the point where he probably knows as much about Strats as the people at Fender, and could likely give Marshall's amp engineers a run for their money.

"Even though you'll need to re-learn how to use a Strat to some extent, we can heartily recommend it."

Most importantly, some ignore the fact that Johnson's love for detail is never for the sake of it, but to extract the last drop of musicality from whatever equipment he chooses. So a signature Stratocaster, spec'd to Eric's exact requirements and built by Fender – whose reputation for quality is currently better than it's ever been – warrants close inspection here.

Of course this isn't the first EJ Signature Strat. We loved Eric's original, all-maple-neck model for its balance of vintage vibe and modern playability.

We were bowled over by the attention to detail that Johnson personally brought to bear over all aspects of its design and production; the two-piece alder body with deeply scooped contours, the delightfully smooth neck-to-headstock shaping and the thin-skin nitrocellulose finish.

All these features from the previous instrument have been retained for the current one. Others that have also been carried over include the slimmer headstock design and staggered-height tuner posts that negate string trees; Johnson-voiced pickups with a tone control on the bridge single-coil; and no vibrato cavity cover – Eric reckons they sound better without it and who are we to argue?

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