Thursday, May 28, 2009

John Petrucci Gears


Last night i chat with my friend and we talk about any guitarist rig. He wants to know about john petrucci's (JP) rigs and setting. Today i search about any information about JP and i got it any information for his.

Here is a list and some photos of the gear John is currently using for touring especially for you don !! :)

1 Musicman JP BFR Rubyburst Baritone
1 Musicman JP BFR Walnutburst Baritone
1 Musicman JP BFR Walnutburst 7 String
1 Musicman JP BFR Blackburst 7 String
1 Musicman JP BFR Tobaccoburst
1 Musicman JP BFR 2006 Ltd. Edition Black w/Gold Hardware
2 Musicman JP BFR Blackburst
1 Musicman JP BFR Walnutburst
1 Musicman JP BFR Rubyburst
1 Musicman JP Blue Sparkle Doubleneck

klik HERE for more

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Global Metal

Once more about heavy metal film my friend tell about a film called "global metal". This film is release After "Metal a headbanger journey" by sam dunn (antropolog which concern on metal music).

In GLOBAL METAL, directors Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn set out to discover how the West’s most maligned musical genre – heavy metal – has impacted the world’s cultures beyond Europe and North America. The film follows metal fan and anthropologist Sam Dunn on a whirlwind journey through Asia, South America and the Middle East as he explores the underbelly of the world’s emerging extreme music scenes — from Indonesian death metal to Chinese black metal to Iranian thrash metal. GLOBAL METAL reveals a worldwide community of metalheads who aren’t just absorbing metal from the West – they’re transforming it. Creating a new form of cultural expression in societies dominated by conflict, corruption and mass-consumerism.

Heavy Metal in Baghdad

Some time ago my friend tell me about something interest with documenter film called "Heavy Metal in Baghdad".
this film tell about four musicians with band called Acrassicauda struggling to make a go of the rock and roll life in the middle of a war zone.

If popular perceptions are to be believed, then every Iraqi citizen would be a worshipful Muslim who hates all pop culture (particularly anything emanating from America) with a fervent zeal. Not so the Metallica-loving lads of Acrassicauda, the heavy-metal quartet from Baghdad portrayed with true concern and understanding in a documentary that succeeds (almost in spite of its filmmakers) in illustrating the necessity of art in even the worst situations.

here's for the movie trailer :

and here's for ACRASSICAUDA's BIO

Born out of a basement rehearsal space in Baghdad, Acrassicauda (Latin for “Black Scorpion”) is Iraq’s only heavy metal band. Tutored by music instructor and guitar virtuoso Saad “Yngwie” Say and inspired by western bands like Metallica, Slayer and Slipknot, they began writing and playing metal in 2001. They soon learned that their dream of performing live in Iraq was going to be no easy task.

Original members Firas (bass), Tony (lead guitar), Marwan (drums), Faisal (rhythm guitar) and Waleed (lead vocals) were only able to play 3 shows before the war started in 2003. Soon after, Waleed retired from the band and fled the country, leaving Faisal to fill the void of lead singer. Due to increased security precautions throughout Iraq, it became difficult to practice or even get through a show without serious problems. As the situation worsened in Baghdad they began receiving death threats from insurgent groups and religious fundamentalists accusing them of Satan-worship. Eventually, it proved impossible to find any venue that was safe to perform in.

Thanks to generous donations made on their behalf, the band now resides in Turkey after living a year as refugees in Damascus, Syria. In their seven years as a band they have managed to play only 6 concerts in Baghdad, 2 in Syria and one in Turkey. The war has all but destroyed their dream to live in peace, grow their hair long, bang their heads and play metal as loud as they want. Life in Turkey is proving extremely difficult for them. Acrassicauda is literally a band on the run.

information has taken from any source :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dan Donegan Gear and Amplification


Dan Donegan (born August 1, 1968 in Oak Lawn, Illinois) is an American musician and guitarist for Disturbed. Donegan began playing guitar as a teenager and eventually formed a band called Vandal, which was an '80s-style hair band. Recently, Donegan was added to the guitar show "Chop Shop's" list of "Top 100 Most Complete Guitar Players of All Time" at number 76.

Early on with his career with Disturbed, Donegan played Gibson Les Paul Standards and SGs. Then, he switched to play a few Paul Reed Smith models, the Tremonti Model and a PRS Singlecut. In 2005, Washburn Guitars built Donegan his own signature model called the Maya, named after his daughter. Donegan is a fan of GHS Boomer guitar strings and uses the 12-52 gauge set. He also uses Seymour Duncan pickups in his guitars.

Donegan has primarily used Randall(his signature being the 1082) and Mesa Boogie Amplifiers, using Randalls for indoor events, and using MESA amps for outdoor gigs. He used to play on Marshall amps during the very early days of Disturbed.

Donegan also uses the DigiTech Dan Donegan, The Weapon, that DigiTech made for him. He also uses the DigiTech Whammy Pedal and has been seen using the DigiTech Metal Master distortion pedal. According to an interview in 2000, Donegan also uses the BOSS PH-2 Super Phaser, a Dunlop Crybaby Wah, and an Ernie Ball Volume pedal. He also uses a BBE Sonic Maximize.

rig mapping

Ryan Martinie with Warwick Gear

Also known as : Ry-Know Rü-d
Born : August 6, 1975 (1975-08-06) (age 33)
origin : Peoria, Illinois, USA
Genre(s): Heavy metal, progressive metal
Instrument(s): Bass guitar
Years active: 1998 - Present
Label(s): Epic Records
Associated acts : Mudvayne

Early life

Ryan Martinie grew up playing bass in Normal, Illinois. His father gave him his first bass at the age of twelve, at which time he began picking out Metallica songs to teach himself.

He studied jazz bass, and won several high school awards for classical vocals. He also became interested in sword swallowing.

He was in a Dream Theater-styled progressive rock band called Broken Altar. Former members of Broken Altar Les Aldridge (guitarist) and Wes Pollock (drummer) joined heavy metal band LowTwelve of Bloomington, Illinois.

Right hand
Ryan is known for pushing the envelope that most metal bassists limit themselves to. His right hand is one of the major reasons for this, as he pulls from many different techniques and genres. He is known for flicks (found throughout his music) and a flamenco style. Ryan uses a tapping technique on the neck where he will use his index and middle fingers to tap an octave chord while his left hand moves the chord.

Left Hand
Martinie is known as a precise player. Even when playing his Pedulla fretless he uses quick movements and jogs up and down the neck. Ryan tends to accentuate his work with thick low end, double stops, and chords that add warmth or awkward tension. He uses harmonics that add a bright sound to his variety of styles, such as the intro to "Death Blooms" and also in "Not Falling".


Main bass: Warwick Thumb Bass 5-string, ebony fingerboard, chrome hardware, nickel frets.

Back-up basses: Thumb 4, rosewood neck and gold hardware. Also two Thumb 5 stringers with ebony and rosewood necks and bubinga bodies & also a fretless Pedulla Buzz 4. In several images he has been seen with, but never using, a Warwick Vampyre bass.

Strings: Ryan uses Dr Hi-Beams .045-.105 with a .135 5th string, tuned to F#-B-F#-B-E and B-F#-B-E (as heard in LD50), and for Mudvayne's newer albums he is tuned to G-C-G-C-F and C-G-C-F. Sets action high for live shows and low for recording.

Live Setup: runs his bass into a Shure UHF U4D dual-channel wireless unit, Whirlwind multi-selector, dbx 160 compressor, Ampeg SVT-4Pro head on an SVT PR-810H 8x10 cabinet. Also has a BSS AR133 direct box that runs from the SVT-4Pro's effect loop.

Recording setup: Full Ampeg rig, plus an SWR Workingman's 10 Head driving Greg Tribbett's Mesa Boogie 4x12 guitar cabinet for added midrange and top end.

For Mudvayne's newest album, 'The New Game', Ryan switched to Warwick amplification. He recorded using an X-Treme 10.1 head and two 410 Pro cabinets. He will be taking two stacks with him while he tours.

Matthew McDonough


Birth name: Matthew McDonough
Also known as: sPaG; Spüg; MjDawn
Origin: Peoria, Illinois
Genre(s): Heavy metal, progressive metal
Occupation(s): Drummer
Instrument(s): Drums
Years active: 1996–present
Label(s) : Epic Records
Associated acts: Mudvayne

Matthew McDonough is the drummer for American heavy metal band Mudvayne. McDonough is the band's original drummer and has appeared and performed on every release by Mudvayne. He is also the one known for dubbing Mudvayne as "math metal".

He has a tattoo on his chest, symbolizing a Hermetic order.

Matthew is lesser known for composing the ambient electronic effects on both L.D. 50 and The End of All Things to Come. Matthew released his first solo album under the alias "MjDawn", called Frequency Response in 2008. In the album, he is experimenting with acoustic drumming and Electronica.

Matthew started playing drums in Daed Kcis, a Bahaus-type band from the Peoria area, circa 1986.

Mudvayne time guys..

Mudvayne formed in 1996 with Chad Gray, Greg Tribbet, Matthew McDonough, and Shawn Barclay, releasing their demo, Kill, I Oughtta. In 1998, then bassist Shawn Barclay was replaced by current bassist Ryan Martinie.

Signing with Epic (1998)
A critical turning point for the band occurred in April 1998 when local promoter Steve Soderstrom hosted Soda Pop Production's "Original Hard Rock Music Showcase" at the now defunct Hub Ballroom in Edelstein, Illinois. Mudvayne along with fifty seven other Peoria bands answered the radio ad and was one of the twelve bands chosen to perform live on two stages. Soda Pop Productions followed the show up with "Shredfest" on the Peoria riverfront stage which Mudvayne also played. Steve Soderstrom contacted longtime friend and renown band manager Chuck Toler, in Madison, Wisconsin, who came down to a third show at the American Legion Hall in Washington, Illinois to see the band perform live. As a result Chuck Toler began managing the band and secured a recording contract with Epic Records. more

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dream Theatre's new album

Hey guys here's Dream Theatre's newest album news i've got for you.
Progressive metal veterans DREAM THEATER have announced BLACK CLOUDS & SILVER LININGS as the title of their tenth studio album. The band commenced work on the album - their second for Roadrunner Records, following up 2007's Systematic Chaos - in October of last year.

Roadrunner will release the record on June 23. In addition to the standard version CD, the album will also be available on vinyl LP, as well as a 3-disc Special Edition CD that will include the full album, a CD of instrumental mixes of the album and a CD of six cover songs, the titles of which will be revealed at a later date.

Six weeks prior to the June 23 street date, Roadrunner will release one cover song per week through digital retailers.

Drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci are once again at the helm as producers, while Paul Northfield mixed the record.

The band will embark on a world tour in support of the album beginning in Europe throughout June which will be followed by the second edition of the band's PROGRESSIVE NATION tour featuring Zappa Plays Zappa, Pain Of Salvation and Beardfish throughout North America in July/August.

A video for the first single, "A Rite of Passage" will be shot in late March.

The track listing for BLACK CLOUDS & SILVER LININGS is as follows:

1. A Nightmare to Remember
2. A Rite of Passage
3. Wither
4. The Shattered Fortress
5. The Best of Times
6. The Count of Tuscany

Roadrunner Records and Dream Theater have teamed up with The Omega Order to bring very special PRE-ORDER offers. This includes 4 different configurations of the new album including a Special Edition and Deluxe Collector's Edition Box Set.
you can go to this link to pre-order.

information has taken from officialy site

Travis barker's gear set

Birth name: Travis Landon Barker
Born: November 14, 1975 (1975-11-14) (age 33)
Origin: Fontana, California,USA
Genre(s): Punk rock, pop punk, ska punk, alternative rock, hip hop, rap rock
Occupation(s):Musician, drummer, songwriter, producer, reality television celebrity, fashion designer
Instrument(s): drums, keyboards, guitar, piano
Years active: 1994–present
Label(s): Interscope, LaSalle/Atlantic, Geffen, Hellcat, MCA, Golden Voice
Associated acts: Blink-182, +44, Expensive Taste, Transplants, Box Car Racer, The Aquabats
Website :

Travis Barker is quickly becoming one of the more influential musicians on the Rock scene today. Travis began studying drums and taking lessons at the age of four. He studied with a jazz teacher and was exposed to many different styles of music. While in High School, Travis played in the jazz ensemble and marching band. He subsequently gained much experience performing at regional competitions and festivals. His senior year, Travis passed up drum corps tryouts for touring with a rock band. He gained more experience as a rock drummer in a few early bands such as Feeble, The Suicide Machines, and The Aquabats.

In 1998, Travis replaced Blink 182's first drummer and came to the band’s rescue at one show by learning over twenty songs in just a few hours and performing with them later that evening. Travis quickly became a much respected and popular member of the band and solidified his position as the timekeeper with his professional attitude, rhythmic skills and talent.

Travis gear set
Barker is now sponsored by Orange County Drum and Percussion and Zildjian.
Latest drum kit (2008–2009)

* Drums - Black Acrylic w/50% offset Lugs
o 10x8" Tom
o 12x10" Tom
o 16x14" Floor Tom
o 18x16" Floor Tom
o 24x24" Bass drum
o 14x6.5" Orange County Stainless steel/nickle snare

* Cymbals - Zildjian
o 14" A custom matersound Hi-hats
o 22" zildjian A custom ride
o 21" Aveidus crash/ride
o 10" A custom splash
o 20" K custom crash
o 19" A custom projection crash

Barker uses DW 9000 Series Hardware, Remo Emperor X Snare Heads and Remo weather king emporer Heads on his toms, Roland Electronics and his signature Zildjian sticks.

and drummerworld says he use this set :

and finally,, when i talk about modern punk rock drummer,, it's refer to travis :)

information taken from any source

Top Modern Rock song (may 2009)


hey guys,, this is newest modern rock chart per may 2009 by top40-chart which combine World Heavy Metal, Hard Rock & Alternative Singles (USA, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Australia).

enjoy :)

1. Know Your Enemy - Green Day
2. Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
3. Casing The Dragon - Epica
4. Drowning (Face Down) - Saving Abel
5. Lifeline - Papa Roach
6. Careless Whisper - Seether
7. Up All Night - Hinder
8. Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance
9. Decode - Paramore
10.You Found Me - Fray
11.Black Heart Inertia - Incubus
12.How Could You? - Saliva
13.Something In Your Mouth - Nickelback
14.All I Want - Staind
15.Hey You - 311
16.My Loneliness - Firewind
17.Let It Go - Capetown
18.Panic Switch - Silversun Pickups
19.Ain't No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant
20.Dirty Little Girl - Burn Halo
21.So Close, So Far - Hoobastank
22.No You Girls - Franz Ferdinand
23.The Man Who Lost His Soul - Until June
24.The Night - Disturbed
25.Magnificent - U2
26.Death Of Me - Red
27.Champagne - Cavo
28.Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
29.Wars - Hurt
30.Second Chance - Shinedown

i've listened several song above, hinder have a nice groove compotition, seether nice arrangement but sounds like ordinary song for me...nothing sepecial

how about you guys???

Monday, May 04, 2009

Mike Portnoy Newest Gear Set

Here is newest mike's drum set. Base on tama starclasscic, sabian cymbal and any hardware (LP,Roland,Tama) he build his newest monster and called "mike's mirage monster"
enjoy it :)

spesification :
Drumset: Tama StarClassic Mirage Crystal Ice
A. 433mm Octoban
B. 472mm Octoban
C. 536mm Octoban
D. 600mm Octoban
E. 8x8 tom
F. 9x10 tom
G. 10x12 tom
H. 5½x14 tom
I. 16x16 floor tom
J. 5½x14 Melody Master snare
K. 18x22 bass drum
L. 18x22 bass drum
M. 536mm Octoban
N. 600 mm Octoban
O. 5x13 single headed tom
P. 14.14 floor tom
Q. 16x16 floor tom
R. 14x20 gong drum
S. 5x12 Melody Master snare
T. 18x20 bass drum

Cymbals: Sabian
1. 14" AAX Stage hats
2. 14" extra thin crash
3. 18" HHX Chinese
4. 18" HHX Studio crash
5. 8" Max Stax
6. 7" Max Stax
7. 9" Max Stax
8. 10" Max Stax
9. 7" Radia Bell
10. 18" AA medium thin crash
11. 20" HHX Chinese
12. 22" HH Rock ride
13. 19" Fierce Crash
14. 14" Max Stax
15. medium propeller
16. 13" HHX Stage hats
17. small propeller
18. 9" Max Splash
19. 16" HHXtreme crash
20. 20" AA El Sabor ride
21. 18" AAX Stage crash
22. 10" Max Splash
23. 11" Max Splash hi-hats
24. LP mountable cowbell
25. LP Rock Ridge Rider cowbell
26. 20" AA Chinese
27. 8" Radia flat bell
28. large propeller
29. 28" Zodiac gong (not shown, behind kit)
30. Roland Rhythm Coach (cowbell)
31. drink table holding one cup of blue sports drink and one bottle of water

Accessories: LP, Roland, Tama:
aa. LP 515 Studio bar chimes
bb. Roland PD-8 trigger pad
cc. LP mountable Cyclops tambourine
dd. Pro-Mark JSBG stick bag
ee. Buttkicker Concert seat subwoofers
ff. Tama HT430 Round Rider throne

Hardware: Tama, including Iron Cobra Rolling Glide bass drum pedals, all cymbals locked on with clear Slicknuts.

Heads: Remo CS (black dot) on snare batter, Ambassador snare-side, clear Emperors on tops of toms, clear Ambassadors on bottoms, Powerstroke 3 on kick batters with clear Emperors on front (with silver 6" holes).

Sticks: Pro-Mark MP420 Millenium II (hickory), MT-3 mallets, Hot Rods

and finally.. all peripheral above become this freak monster set!! whewww,, i can't imagine how can i play it all :(

information has taken from official mike's sites
for mike : u are my man on modern progressive rock!! ^:)^

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