Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Most popular Guitar Endorsements

In the light of Joe Satriani possibly jumping ship from Peavey to Marshall for his amplification needs as reported over on MusicRadar last week, i thought, just for fun, that i’d make a list of his endorsements over the years just to see how many entries i’d come up with.

Four days later, i'm still compiling a list, not just of Joe’s deals but as many people we could think of as we found our on-line research took many twists and turns, leading us towards a number other players...

So, there follows an in no way complete list of selected guitarists and their signature equipment that’s been made available for punters to buy over the years: not necessarily the stuff they use but gear that bears their name.

Additions, corrections and omissions, as ever, gratefully received...and hey, this is only supposed to be a bit of fun

Joe Satriani
Peavey amps – JSX Series
Ibanez guitars – JS Series
Vox effects – Satchurator, Time Machine, Big Bad Wah
DiMarzio pickups – Fred, Mo’Joe, PAF Joe
Planet Waves – signature straps and picks

Nuno Bettencourt
Washburn guitars – N6, N4, N2
Randall amps -
Dean Markley – signature set --- MORE

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