Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mesa/Boogie M6 Carbine bass combo

The coolest bass combo on two wheels?
Roger Newell, Wed 15 Apr 2009, 11:15 am BST

Spesification : M6 Carbine bass combo
Country of Origin:
Additional Features:
Effects Loop with bypass, tuner out, balanced XLR line-out with ground lift, voice function switching, mute, 2 x combination Speakon /jack speaker output jacks, impedance selection, fan cooled
Audio Output Power (w):
Device Type:
Trans-Class valve preamp with MOSFET power section
Dimensions (mm (w x h x d)):
546 x 750 x 432
Loudspeaker Size (Inches):
Weight (kg):
Weight (lb) (lb):

While Mesa/Boogie has the reputation of providing 'stadium status' amplification, it is also appreciated for its design practicality. So while this new transportable bass combo is not aimed directly for use at mega venues, it is still extremely powerful and well conceived.

Finished in sturdy 'Black Bronco' covering with a stylish black jute grille, this is a triple-ported enclosure in Boogie's Tilt & Roll format. In other words, think of a substantial bass combo sitting on a sack barrow and you have the basic design concept as employed here.

Of course, Boogie has used this design feature before and proved its usefulness. Naturally it's all sturdily built and weighty, so any assistance in shifting it around has to be applauded. And there's no discernible vibration noise from the wheels or handle of this 'barrow' section. Loaded with a pair of 12-inch PowerHouse Neo 300 speakers and a horn this is all about quality tone and great delivery.


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