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Classic Rock Awards 2009

"It's quite an experience to be in a room packed with almost every one of your heroes" said Joe Bonamassa in accepting the Breakthrough gong at last night's Classic Rock Awards. It's a sentiment we have to admit to sharing.

On arrival at last night's awards – hosted at London's regal Park Lane Hotel – MusicRadar was greeted with an awesome barrage of celebrity the likes of which we'd never seen.

Look, there's Slash! There's Ronnie Wood! Pete Townshend! Brian May, Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, Ginger Baker! These were people whose music we'd grown up listening to – bona-fide rock legends we'd idolised as kids, now all together under one roof.

The atmosphere was genuinely electric. An hour in and all the star guests had arrived - the party was now in full swing. Drinks were being quaffed, old bandmates reunited and glamorous young women apparently hired to look glamorous, young and, well, like women were being, erm... politely accosted by a '60s rock 'n' roller we shan't name. (His girlfriend kept an eye on him though – we guess you can't always get what you want.)

Marshall Classic Rock Roll Of Honour 2009 – full list of winners

Best New Band
Voted for by readers of Classic Rock magazine
Sponsored by Mean Fiddler
Winner: Chickenfoot

Album Of The Year

Voted for by readers of Classic Rock magazine
Sponsored by Universal Catalogue / Lost Tunes
Winner: AC/DC Black Ice

Band Of The Year
Voted for by readers of Classic Rock magazine
Sponsored by Guitar Hero
Winner: Iron Maiden

Best Reissue

Voted for by readers of Classic Rock magazine
Sponsored by Live Nation
Winner: Black Sabbath Reissues

DVD / Film Of The Year
Voted for by readers of Classic Rock magazine
Sponsored by
Winner: Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Event Of The Year

Voted for by readers of Classic Rock magazine
Sponsored by Alchemy
Winner: Download Festival

Outstanding Contribution
Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Monitor Audio
Winner: Ronnie Wood

Tommy Vance Inspiration Award

Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Rhino
Winner: John Bonham


Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Eagle Rock
Winner: Ginger Baker

VIP Award

Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Dannoff Premium Vodka
Winner: Doc McGhee

Metal Guru
Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Bravado
Winner: Biff Byford

Spirit Of Prog
Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Planet Rock
Winner: Dream Theater

Marshall 11 Award
Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Marshall
Winner: Billy Gibbons

Childline Rocks Award
Winner: Steve Harley

Classic Songwriter
Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Sony Music
Winner: Paul Rodgers

Classic Album
Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Provogue
Winner: Aerosmith Rocks

Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Rock Radio
Winner: Joe Bonamassa

Comeback Of The Year
Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by EMI Music
Winner: Mott The Hoople

Living Legend

Chosen by a Classic Rock Judging Panel
Sponsored by Marshall
Winner: Iggy Pop

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Yamaha unveils DTX-Multi 12 percussion pad

PRESS RELEASE: Drummers, Producers, DJs, and beginners and experts alike will all welcome the superb newDTX- Multi 12from Yamaha. The most powerful all-in-one percussion device ever created, it brings the professional power, sound and creativity of the acclaimed high end DTX range to musicians at a highly affordable price.

The understanding of musicians needs are immediately apparent when you power up theDTX-Multi 12and with its powerful inbuilt module and 12 on board percussion pads the device is completely self-contained.

It's bursting with many of the high end features that characterise the DTX range and will be the choice of professional drummers the world over. A perfect tool for live performance, production or practice it's expected the instrument will have much broader appeal beyond the drumming fraternity.

Feature packed, theDTX-Multi 12boasts over 1200 stunning voices in high quality covering drums, percussion and keyboard sounds, many drawn from Yamaha's professional Motif synthesizer range and many completely new. Up to 200 custom set ups can also be created and stored with ease to suit any musical context using all internal sounds and 42 types of effects.

Alternatively additional sounds can be loaded and stored into the onboard 64MB of memory and allocated to any pad for total customisation

For established drummers theDTX-Multi 12will bring a huge new sound set and performance capability to current set-ups and compliment any musical setting. The unit is designed to easily integrate into an existing acoustic set up or act as a stand alone unit. DTX- Multi 12will also prove invaluable to composers thanks to the included Cubase AI 5" software which facilitates quick and easy computer connectivity.

Performing at the highest level for pro players, a wide range of play modes ensure it can adapt to any style, up to four voices can be assigned to a single pad for simultaneous or sequential playback and a wide range of dynamic options are made available.

Versatility is enhanced with 128 on-board phrase patterns covering a wide variety of styles and users can also record their own patterns and assign them to pads. A sophisticated click track function also allows players to control the unit instantly, ideal for live shows.

TheDTX- Multi 12is perfect for computer musicians too, functioning as an excellent input device connectivity is simplicity itself via a single USB cable. The included Cubase AI5 DAW software facilitates the recording and extensive editing of MIDI data, it can also function as a high quality sample playback device with 64MB of flash ROM on board.

For live use, the pads feel great and allow creative freedom, they can be played with sticks, hands, fingers and palms, totally responding to every dynamic nuance and for added creative power Hi-Hat controllers and kick pedal pads can be added if you wish to use theDTX-Multi 12as a compact stand alone electronic drum kit.

We are really excited about the launch of this product which will bring the many possibilities electronic drums can offer

'The DTX-Multi 12 is the perfect tool to bring the many possibilities electronic drums can offer to any acoustic drummer or percussionist' explained product manager Gavin Thomas 'This launch is testament to Yamaha's extensive research into players demands and the first of many new exciting products currently in development'.

WATCH: Foo Fighters' New Video


The alt-rock giants release the Tom Petty-esque "Wheels," off their upcoming greatest hits package.

By Peter Gaston (

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters have been drifting further and further into the mainstream over their 15-year existence, but their latest single and video, "Wheels," culled from their upcoming Greatest Hits package, is their most straightforward salvo yet. Watch the video below.

The song, which leaked last week, feels far more Kings of Leon than Queens of the Stone Age. Its midtempo strumming brings to mind some of the brawnier stuff coming out of Nashville these days.

It also has the nostalgic feel of a band looking back on a remarkable career that included a rise from the ashes of one of rock'n'roll's most iconic bands. "When the wheels touch ground, and you feel like it's all over," Grohl sings, "there's another round for you." Here's hoping that's true for Foo Fighters.

Greatest Hits arrives Nov. 3, and will also feature a second new song, "Word Forward."

And if you're craving heavier rocking from the Foos camp, catch Dave Grohl in the thumping power trio Them Crooked Vultures, and bassist Nate Mendel in the reunited Sunny Day Real Estate.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Roland V-Compact Series TD-4S in my living room :D

The Roland TD4S is an electronic drum set that is a pleasure to play. With Roland's patented mesh V-Pad snare, the TD4S drum set is ideal for practice, thanks to its Mix in function, Coach Mode, and Quick Rec. Roland TD-4S electronic drums are also a great choice for the project studio, with improved sound quality and expressiveness, and MIDI output for sequencing or triggering other sounds.

TD-4S Drum Module
With 4 times the wave memory of its predecessor, the Roland TD-4S Drum Module is loaded with great drum and percussion instruments and kits. Drum kits can be customized with virtual tuning and muffling for the kick, snare, and toms. Natural ambiance effects can be adjusted as well. Custom Controls
Drum sounds onboard the Roland TD-4S can be customized to suit your personal style. Just like with a real acoustic drum set, the TD-4's kick, snare, and toms can be tuned up or down quickly across a wide range. The amount of muffling can be user-customized as well, from '70s-style choked funk to open-cannon stadium rock.

Coach Mode
The Roland TD-4S is equipped with Roland's acclaimed Coach Mode, which helps you build speed, stamina and accuracy. Five skill-building exercises are onboard, including the new Warm Ups that lets you practice different exercises consecutively for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. The Tempo Check also helps you keep consistent time by lowering the metronome volume when you are playing accurately or vice versa, and raising the click volume when you are playing out of time.

Quick REC
The TD-4S drum set's "Quick REC" feature allows you to immediately record and play back your performance. It's a great tool for listening objectively to what you've played, and charting your progress. And don't forget the TD-4's built-in metronome for keeping yourself in time. If you record with the internal metronome on, the TD-4 Electronic Drum Set can even evaluate your accuracy afterward during playback.

Roland V-Compact Series TD-4S Electronic Drum Set Features:

* Center mounted TD-4 sound module
* Wave-expanded sound module with 125 instruments and 25 kits
* Patented mesh head for the snare
* Velocity sensitive toms and cymbals with choke capability
* Tuning and Muffling for the kick, snare, toms can be adjusted via the buttons and dial on the front panel
* Coach Mode with new exercises such as Warm Ups and Tempo Check for building your accuracy and endurance
* Quick Rec function for recording your performance with just one button
* Mix In connector for playing along with external audio sources
* Compact, lightweight, and stable drum stand
* Cable harness and DB-25 connector for fast and clean cable connection

* (1) TD-4 Percussion Sound Module
* (1) PDX-8 Mesh Snare Drum Pad
* (3) PD-8 Dual-Trigger Tom Pads
* (2) CY-8 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pads
* (1) CY-5 Dual-Trigger Cymbal Pad
* (1) KD-8 Kick Trigger Pad
* (1) FD-8 Hi-Hat Control Pedal
* (1) MDS-4 Drum Stand
* Bass drum pedal not included

You don't have to break the bank to get professional drum sounds!!
wheeew dreaming when i put this gear in my living room :D xD

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DOWNLOAD Unreleased Live Nirvana Song!

Unreleased Live Nirvana Song!
Get a rendition of "Scoff," recorded live in 1990 and featured on Sub Pop's 20th anniversary reissue of Bleach.

For Nirvana fans seeking a distraction from the war over Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero avatar, Seattle label Sub Pop has just the thing: An unreleased live version of "Scoff," recorded Feb. 2, 1990, during a gig at Portland, OR's Pine Street Theatre. Download the track below!

"Scoff" appears on 20th anniversary reissue of the trio's debut album, Bleach, which arrives Nov. 3 on CD and 180 gram white vinyl, with a complete live recording of the 1990 gig with their original drummer, Chad Channing. Jack Endino, the original producer behind Bleach, re-mixed the original tapes of the live show for the special reissue.

"The release is a tribute to the vision of Kurt Cobain," Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic wrote on his Seattle Weekly blog. "Jack [Endino] and I got test pressings earlier this summer and the vinyl sounds killer. It's going to be pressed on white vinyl -- just like the first issue. I put the tone arm down and the bass growl of "Blew" is there in all its Grunge glory."

"Considering it only took about 30 hours in the studio, and the equipment we used, I'm glad it sounds as good as it does," Endino told Novoselic.

Actually, "Scoff" sounds great: Cobain's guttural vocals and chugging guitar hit hard and with a clarity many other live recordings lack, no doubt a testament to Endino's studio wizardry -- but, more importantly, Nirvana's ability as a live band. Download "Scoff" below.
Nirvana, "Scoff" Live At Pine Street Theatre (DOWNLOAD MP3)

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Admits He Tried to Sing for Velvet Revolver

Photo: Webber/WireImage.

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor has finally confirmed rumors that he tried out for Velvet Revolver’s vacant lead singer slot, telling Altitude TV, “I had a meeting with those guys, we did some demos together, and it just didn’t work — for whatever reason.” Since Scott Weiland’s departure from Velvet Revolver in April 2008, everyone from Lenny Kravitz to Sebastian Bach to Chris Cornell to obscure Canadian singers have been rumored to be the permanent fill-in for VR, but Taylor is among the first to reveal that he actually tried out for the job.

“It was just really cool. It was one of those things where it’s like I could have got to jam with legends, man, in my opinion,” Taylor said, adding that he’s still on good terms with the band. Slash had previously said in passing that Taylor had worked with VR, and while it seemed like Taylor might take over as lead vocalist, the band decided against it, Blabbermouth writes.

As Rolling Stone previously reported, even though Slash is currently hard at work at his own solo album, he’s still devoted to the singer search. “We (VR) know the right guy is out there somewhere,” Slash wrote in a MySpace post in August 2009. “It’s possible somebody could turn up before I do my tour and we could start working on new material sooner than later, in a perfect world.”

Mike Byrne: New Pumpkins Drummer

Billy Corgan has announced that nineteen year-old Portland, Oregon, drummer Mike Byrne has joined the Smashing Pumpkins and will make his debut with the band on their next album and tour. “I’m super excited to be playing with the band,” says Byrne. “Dream come true, man.”

Byrne, who’s played in indie Portland bands Moses, Smell The Roses, and the Mercury Treeheard, heard about the Pumpkins’ open call for a new drummer on the Internet this past April and submitted his materials. Byrne was immediately called to attend an audition in Los Angeles, where Corgan liked what he heard.

Byrne has been playing drums since he was eleven and formed his first band, Mercury Tree, at fifteen. His influences include post-rock bands like Mogwai, Maserati, and Maps And Atlases as well as the Pumpkins. “It was a really good time in my life to hear the Pumpkins’ music when I was thirteen. It just connected with me and it was sort of a window into something really different and eclectic. The band was a little bit more willing to take risks than a lot of the groups I had been listening to.”

“I was astounded by how many great drummers wanted the chance to try out for The Pumpkins,” said Corgan. “We counted over a thousand submissions, and what made Mike stand out was that he just seemed to have that X-factor that all the great drummers have, a stunning blend of power, speed, and grace. I’m excited to work with him moving forward; he truly deserves this opportunity. I believe in my heart he will push me to be a better musician.”

For more on the Smashing Pumpkins, visit

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