Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jason Bittner “What Drives The Beat” DVD

Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner is featured on a new Hudson Music DVD release entitled “What Drives The Beat.” The DVD features over 3 hours of peformance and instructional footage from the two-time grammy nominated, multiple readers poll-winning drummer.

One segment titled “Double-Bass Crash Course” will be a highlight for many drummers.

“The step-by-step method for developing foot control, power, endurance and speed is explained and demonstrated in detail while foot cameras and split-screen shots augment the instructional material. 16th, Triplet, 32nd, Combo, Shuffle, Ruff and Blast Beat patterns are covered with all the examples and exercises included in an exclusive PDF eBook that can be printed and used for lessons and practice.”

Some other segments featured include…
# The Basic Beats and Fills of Metal Drumming
# Applying Rudiments
# Hand and Foot Technique
# Developing Both Feet Evenly
# Two-Handed Ride Patterns
# How To “Metalfy” Jazz, Funk, Shuffles, Slow Blues and World Beats
# Soloing

Jason Bittner will preseumably be featured playing on one of his Tama Starclassic drum kits on this DVD, and it’s something well worth picking up if you’re a metal drummer.

courtesy: DrumTom


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