Monday, May 04, 2009

Mike Portnoy Newest Gear Set

Here is newest mike's drum set. Base on tama starclasscic, sabian cymbal and any hardware (LP,Roland,Tama) he build his newest monster and called "mike's mirage monster"
enjoy it :)

spesification :
Drumset: Tama StarClassic Mirage Crystal Ice
A. 433mm Octoban
B. 472mm Octoban
C. 536mm Octoban
D. 600mm Octoban
E. 8x8 tom
F. 9x10 tom
G. 10x12 tom
H. 5½x14 tom
I. 16x16 floor tom
J. 5½x14 Melody Master snare
K. 18x22 bass drum
L. 18x22 bass drum
M. 536mm Octoban
N. 600 mm Octoban
O. 5x13 single headed tom
P. 14.14 floor tom
Q. 16x16 floor tom
R. 14x20 gong drum
S. 5x12 Melody Master snare
T. 18x20 bass drum

Cymbals: Sabian
1. 14" AAX Stage hats
2. 14" extra thin crash
3. 18" HHX Chinese
4. 18" HHX Studio crash
5. 8" Max Stax
6. 7" Max Stax
7. 9" Max Stax
8. 10" Max Stax
9. 7" Radia Bell
10. 18" AA medium thin crash
11. 20" HHX Chinese
12. 22" HH Rock ride
13. 19" Fierce Crash
14. 14" Max Stax
15. medium propeller
16. 13" HHX Stage hats
17. small propeller
18. 9" Max Splash
19. 16" HHXtreme crash
20. 20" AA El Sabor ride
21. 18" AAX Stage crash
22. 10" Max Splash
23. 11" Max Splash hi-hats
24. LP mountable cowbell
25. LP Rock Ridge Rider cowbell
26. 20" AA Chinese
27. 8" Radia flat bell
28. large propeller
29. 28" Zodiac gong (not shown, behind kit)
30. Roland Rhythm Coach (cowbell)
31. drink table holding one cup of blue sports drink and one bottle of water

Accessories: LP, Roland, Tama:
aa. LP 515 Studio bar chimes
bb. Roland PD-8 trigger pad
cc. LP mountable Cyclops tambourine
dd. Pro-Mark JSBG stick bag
ee. Buttkicker Concert seat subwoofers
ff. Tama HT430 Round Rider throne

Hardware: Tama, including Iron Cobra Rolling Glide bass drum pedals, all cymbals locked on with clear Slicknuts.

Heads: Remo CS (black dot) on snare batter, Ambassador snare-side, clear Emperors on tops of toms, clear Ambassadors on bottoms, Powerstroke 3 on kick batters with clear Emperors on front (with silver 6" holes).

Sticks: Pro-Mark MP420 Millenium II (hickory), MT-3 mallets, Hot Rods

and finally.. all peripheral above become this freak monster set!! whewww,, i can't imagine how can i play it all :(

information has taken from official mike's sites
for mike : u are my man on modern progressive rock!! ^:)^


BlackBerry on May 7, 2009 at 5:52 PM said...

Portnoy, eh? Well. He really have some skills. But I can't say the same about his music. Show-off music is so lame!!!

Anonymous said...

thats why it's called progresive music bro,,

Anonymous said...

Didn't iPhones end blackberries?

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