Friday, April 17, 2009

Zildjian Pitch Black Cymbals

Zildjian Cymbals has announced that it will produce the first ever run of all-black cymbals in its 385 year history.

“Pitch Black™” cymbals are available in a full range of sizes and models and are designed specifically for Rock and Metal applications. The series features eight models including a 22-inch Ride, 20-inch Crash Ride, 18 and 16-inch Crashes, 13-inch Splash, 15-inch Mastersound HiHats, 14-inch HiHats and an 18-inch China.”

“Utilizing a proprietary coating process, all Pitch Black™ cymbals are made from Zildjian’s high performance Bronze 12 Alloy which features enhanced tin content for a richer sound. The coating process allows the cymbals to be durable and visually striking while still opening up as a cymbal should. Heavier weights and large sizes combined with new profiles, cups, lathing and hammering techniques help to deliver the brightness and presence required for Rock and Metal applications.”

I don’t know much about the sound of these yet, but they look very cool. I am pretty sure purists will still want traditional cymbals, esp considering how expensive they are, although this is a great choice of a cymbal for the player who wants a different visual aesthetic for their drum kit while still having great sound.



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