Sunday, April 19, 2009

David Silveria

David Silveria was born in Bakersfield, California, on September 21st 1972. David grew up in Bakersfield, where he learned how to play drums at the age of 9. "I think one of the reasons music became such an obsession for everyone in the band is that there just wasn't a whole lot to do where we lived."

James, Brian and Fieldy were looking for a drummer for their band. Fieldy says "I get a message on my answer machine from this kid. David's like 13... 'hey you guys looking for a drummer'. So we called him up, tried him out...he was good, man"

"David was like, so young, he used to have to get his mom to drop him off at practice" says Munky. "They called me up. And I loaded up my drum kit into the car, and took it down to the studio, and it's been there ever since" says David.

David married Shannon Bellino in April, 1997, and tattooed her first name on his back. They have a son, David Jr., born on August 22, 1997. Along with the aforementioned tattoo of his wife's name, David has three more tattoos: a Cheshire cat, a guy sticking out his tongue that has a drumstick through it, and the Korn logo. He is described as the shy member of the band.

David has a lucrative side job as a model. He has already completed a modeling assignment for skate punk clothing company 26 Red. He proved such a hit that 26 Red's biggest rivals, Grind, have now also contracted Silveria to do a series of ads for them.

Of David's influences he says "There's music that I like to listen to, but when it comes to writing our music, I don't really get influenced by anyone else's music. I get influenced as we write our music. The part comes up and it influences me to think a certain way about the part and about how to go about writing to it."



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